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    A free, no obligation quote will always be given up front before any work is started    

Founded in 2011 as a way to make extra money on the side, My Detailed Assistant has grown to become a full service virtual assistant company.  Realizing that his years of experience in the corporate world was being wasted and could be better utilized serving individuals and small businesses, it became a full-time venture for founder Stephen Williams in May 2012.

With the arrival of his beautiful daughter, Zara, he found himself having to become a stay at home Dad.  Since she was born with Cystic Fibrosis, daycare was not an option as she requires extra care and attention.  This was the kick in the pants that Stephen needed to step into his home-based business full-time and be able to give his daughter the proper care she deserves and requires.

Since we operate out of our homes, that means we help save gas, are paperless, create no pollution and more by not having to drive to an office!  That does not mean the level of service you receive is any less than professional & exceptional!

We are all about maintaining the highest level of customer service while having fun!

    We will make sure both you and us have a clear understanding of the work to be performed            
    Project rates are locked in at the time of negotiation and will not increase over the course of the project unless a rate increase has occurred at the beginning of a new year            
    Once a total project price is agreed upon, a 50% deposit will be due before work can begin        

We believe that through friendliness and love we can provide a fun family-oriented "work" experience utilizing our professional & personal experience to the best of our ability while constantly evolving with new technologies to make our customers' lives stress & worry free.

    Remaining payment is due upon project completion or at months end for ongoing projects            
    Refunds are issued in the form of credit hours.  No cash refunds are issued            
    All invoices are due immediately.  No "net terms" or grace period is afforded              
        Purpose for Existing        
            To provide our families with an outstanding quality of life by keeping one parent in the home at all times while providing income to help the family grow as a whole all while providing outstanding customer satisfaction.

Work should be fun.  You should enjoy what you do.  We do!!

    Work can be and often is performed on a barter system basis.  Please email us with your proposal         Mission Statement    

To provide outstanding assistance to others at an affordable price while maintaining a conscious, eco-friendly and family oriented business outlook.

    Prices and rates are subject to increase without notice            

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